Ordering MPYFO Pictures

On your phone or mobile device,

Text: PGCF92257  To: 90738

Enter Gallery Code: PGCF92257

Click:  FaceFind

Click: Upload Photo

Click: Take Photo

Now take a CLEAR photo of your players face

Click: Use Photo

Your Childs Photos will pop up!!

Click any Photo

Click BUY

(you can look at all the Packages and extra items by Clicking on them. You can use several different poses in each package if you choose. Don't be nervous about clicking and looking. You will be able to "review & make changes all the way to the end.

Once you have your order finalized 

Click: Add to Cart

Next look for the suitcase or shopping cart and click it. (probably a red dot)

Select any extra options you wish

Review what in your cart

Click Checkout

Select Shipping

Click Next

Enter all the info that is required

Confirm Order

Pictures are on the way to your home. ( Probably 1-2 weeks depending on your shipping choice)


Charles & Regina

Shutter Snapper Photography